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水溜りボンドのオールナイトニッポン0(ZERO) | ニッポン放送 SixTONES /NEW ERA OA!!!!!! 水溜まりボンドさんが流してくれたぁ! SixTONES NEWERA …

REQUEST SixTONES FridayLivestream SixTONES&039;s NEW ERA premiered as the theme song for a fantasy anime set in the Warring States period of Japan. It is a work called mixture loud rock, and Japanese instruments are used. I request it. It&039;s So Addicted. 和の音❀✾✿

REQUEST SixTONES FridayLivestream I want to see SixTONES&039;NAVIGATOR on Friday Livestream! Because I want people all over the world to know that SixTONES has the best performance and good singing voice. Imitation Rain is of course great. ✘✘✗狼煙が上がる NEW ERA✗✗✘

REQUEST SixTONES FridayLivestream SixTONES&039;s NEW ERA is a beautiful! It is a wonderful MV with contrast between the dark red cloth and the sea and the sun. I want people around the world to see it. SixTONES MUSIC is So Addicted! 新時代開幕🔥

/ 💎ザ少年倶楽部💎 King & Prince、Snow Man初披露曲✨ \ 👑Freak out / KingandPrince ☃️朝焼けの花 / SnowMan 💎NEW ERA / SixTONES 少年忍者 は22人…

SixTONES Mステバージョンどこが違う 11/13(金) 21時放送 テレビ朝日「ミュージックステーション」出演! Mステ NEWERA SixTONES_NEWERA

REQUEST SixTONES FridayLivestream My request song is "NAVIGATOR" by SixTONES!! It is the theme anime song matches the world view of the anime:) Debut single is Imitation Rain🌂 New single is NEW ERA🤘 無垢な魂が熱を上げる🔥

REQUEST SixTONES FridayLivestream SixTONES&039;NAVIGATOR is a song with a message that let&039;s go on an unexplored path on their own initiative. It&039;s exciting to listen to this song, so please watch it if you haven&039;t watched it yet! 3rd single :NEW ERA 🚩 可能性をZEROの先へ

REQUEST SixTONES FridayLivestream My request is "NAVIGATOR" by SixTONES. My favorite lyric are "Will you run at night, or will you bet on daylight?". "夜を駆けるか夜明けに賭けるか" I think It&039;s so cool part!! 切り拓けNEW ERA🌊🍃

REQUEST SixTONES FridayLivestream ☔️Imitation Rain🔥 SixTONES The harmony of 6 people is powerful and gently touches your heart. Please listen.🎶 聴いてください☺️ NAVIGATOR🧭NEW ERA 🚩

REQUEST SixTONES FridayLivestream SixTONES perform a wide variety of musics: their 3 major songs Imitation Rain, NAVIGATOR, and NEW ERA are all different from each other, and SixTONES keeps exploring new types of music with their bottomless talent. 果てなき才能 💎

REQUEST SixTONES FridayLivestream SixTONES&039;s performance at YTFF was excellent in both 2018 and 2020, which seemed to represent 6 scales and 6 rough stones! SixTONES have these two meanings. I request their MV. Imitation Rain, NAVIGATOR, JAPONICA STYLE,NEW ERA.よろしく

REQUEST SixTONES FridayLivestream I love SixTONES😍 They always fascinate us with the best performance!! pls check it…

REQUEST SixTONES FridayLivestream My request is "NAVIGATOR" by SixTONES.The content of the lyrics that seek light while struggling in the dark and the choreography that express it are impressive. 切り拓くNEW ERA🌐✨

REQUEST SixTONES FridayLivestream Thank goodness I have SixTONES in my life. Their songs like Imitation Rain, NAVIGATOR, NEW ERA lighten my days. ありがとう💎








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